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Sep. 1st, 2014

(no subject)

in my own little mind, i think of interpersonal relationships in the form of venn diagrams. it's a multi dimensional diagram of very high complexity and it would definitely take more than just us to be able to view it at a macro level.

in our level, it is more like a spotlight that is on us, that moves with us wherever we go. it overlaps with other lights - of the same colour, or to form a new colour, in varying shades and intensities.

i feel as if there will be times we brush past certain people and take no notice of them, only having to meet them years later through some kind of scenario. and only then would this person play a part in your life.

with all these lights and thoughts of having people passing me by…
i am particularly thankful for one who had crossed my path, and is leaving a footprint in my life.

who was slightly nervous as he dished out his quirks
who says partners complement each other and not fill each other up - thats what we will be.
who holds back his urges to check out his toys and insists on browsing the store first with me.
who needs a big hug at the end of a long day
whom i share so many things in common with.

simply put, i am so blessed to have him in my life.
and this, is only just the beginning :)

Dec. 26th, 2013

Earthy earth sign.

Blessed union
the happy smiles
heartfelt, really heartfelt happiness
touching vows
touching moments

countless blessings and endless wishes of blissfulness

am truly happy to be present at this occasion to share the joy.

p.s. military.

Jun. 16th, 2013


Watching the heavy downpour outside my window, I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with the scent of rain.
It just feels so great..

It doesn't matter any more that I didn't drive very well this noon, all I feel now is tranquility and bliss.

and as I step back into the air-conditioned room I must not forget the little blessings that are still pouring out beside me. Super super accessible :)

May. 16th, 2013

lateee nights.

the cool breeze
the sound of rain
the smell of rain
im off to bed.

praying to sleep well tonight

Apr. 2nd, 2013

human brain mambo jumbo

I wanted to write an entry about the 2xu run on sunday and made random scribblings about the event in a notepad already but just couldnt get myself started on an entry proper. Instead, i shall write an entry about five random things that i fancy. Just 5, because too many would be deliberate. Let's see what i have come up with off-hand...

I like...
One - the smell of freshly pressed clothes.
two - how my hair is like after it is blown-dry. And putting them into ridiculous styles.
three - that feeling when i lay on my bed after a long day.
Four - my hands to be clean.
five - snuggling under the blanket in some place cold.

For now, this shall be it.

Mar. 18th, 2013


I fell in love with a wallet today.
walked right up to it and picked it up once i entered the boutique.
"this is very nice!! swee!" said i.
"yeah, i bought the black one recently" said aunt.

my heart sank.
maybe i would get my hands on it, someday.

and if years months later i look back at this post and it no longer mean anything to me, then i guess the momentary infatuation with the wallet has ended.

Till then.

Mar. 9th, 2013

crafty business

"If you could have any job in the world and you get paid decently for what you do, what would that be?"

but probably nobody would wanna buy them at a price that would reward my work 'decently'. or rather.. would i bear to sell em away!?

Yes, i love making things and all..
which explains why i have my xstitch out at THIS HOUR - but i am currently distracted with... writing this entry.

Jan. 29th, 2013

journey seven times four (or four times seven?)

just before all the memories become so faded i thought id better jot em down.

Jo decided we should go away for my birthday this year and off she planned for a trip to Krabi while all i had to do was to block (and take) leave, and of course to pay money la.

Finally the details were finalised and our holiday was gonna happen 12-15 Jan!

The days leading to the start of my leave wasnt easy. I'm so not going to mention that i stayed back in the office till quite late! (darn, i said it.)

and before i depart from chapter XXVII, the madmas chilled out at Gem Bar! (thanks gurls!) first visit to ann siang hill :)

last day of work, one day before departure, met EL for dinner. ramen at millenia walk, and mudpie + chamomile tea at coffee club. Was late, so he had to wait (sorry!). nonetheless, delightful.

Off to Krabi on a saturday morning with Jo and Mr. Clyde (gatecrashing on our holiday). the flight was so much shorter than i had expected. so much for wanting to catch up on some sleep!

And henceforth the rest in scribblets...

[before all else, cut my thumb on a CAKE KNIFE (yes, it's true)]
Jurlique eye cream
Moustache Earrings (50% off!)
Duck Noodle
Coke Tan
Low tide, foot(slipper)prints in the sand
Superb sunset view + dinner

Practice snorkel 
Cut my toe on a rock
Real Snorkel (not wearing life jacket GASP!)
SUNBURNT - triangle belly!
dinner by the sunset, again.

Tukjam taxi
Tiger Cave
1237 steps - ache die me
80 baht pepsi
dinner at the hilltop!
the band and the glare with guilty/nervous laughter

Still badly burnt
Let's sea: Let's relax
that face when she pressed super hard on my burnt shoulder blades
jetty jet jet back to singers.

Dec. 11th, 2012

The kind of tranquility.

Drowning out all the earthly woes and just being absorbed in the lines and swirls.
Thicker black marks and plain black thins on plain white.

Wooden table by the window overlooking green green grass.. in the far end the boundless ocean and warm sunshine.

Meanwhile, it's coldplay on loop.

"lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones. I will try, to fix you."

Dec. 6th, 2012


this is soooo epic i HAVE TO write about it.

took my towel, supposed to go and bathe.
when i stepped outta the room, i spotted the christmas tree (how could i miss it when i just got home? i passed it without realising!)
left my towel on the bamboo pole, grabbed my phone to take pics of the pretty tree and the dazzling lights.. 
from this angle.. from that angle.. lying flat on the floor taking the pic from ground level..
finally done with the pictures i held up the towel from the bamboo pole and realised it belongs to the granny.

looked on the floor and saw my towel there. thought to myself: silly me so engrossed with the pic that i left my towel on the ground?
proceeded to bathe. and when i was done washing my face, i dabbed the towel to my cheek and a quick memory flashed in my head - i remember i took a fluffy towel, why is this so thin!?
opened my eyes and realised.. SHIT. that's my old towel which is now a floor-cloth (rag)

immediately RAN OUT (covered of course) to the hall again to find my fluffy blue towel on the OTHER END of the bamboo.
needless to say i washed my face again and dried myself up with the correct towel and here i am recounting the incident and.. shaking my head.

that said, today i found the arizona green tea with ginseng and honey which bongs and i had in koreaaaa! super excited when i found it. bought just 1 bottle (just in case not nice anymore), went home and showed her the pic and she went "korea!!" 
it still has the same great taste. Lovely :)

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